Int. MBA – Focus Management in Emerging Economies

Dual Degree Program with RANEPA, Moscow/Russia (MBA/M.Sc.)

After having completed the core modules at the IGC in Bremen, you can go to our Russian partner RANEPA, Institute of Business Studies, in the second term for the specialization in Management in Emerging Economies. A semester in the Russian capital is sure to be a fascinating experience. The Institute of Business Studies (IBS) is the biggest graduate business school in Russia. It combines high education standards with a very international setting.

Emerging economies pose special challenges for managers aiming to enter attractive new markets, or to exploit new opportunities of world-wide division of labour.
The Institute of Business Studies of the Russian Presidential Academy has designed the program to familiarize students with international management with a special emphasis on management and business principles in emerging markets. 
One of the main objectives is the practical application of the knowledge acquired with the discussion of industry and company case studies in the context of emerging markets. 
The modules delivered in the specialization semester cover such topics as macroeconomic and microeconomic issues in emerging economies, the key role of FDI and other forms of investments into emerging economies, management styles adopted, the peculiarities of specific industries in emerging economies. IBS-professors have a lot of expertise in the field of management in emerging markets and are in most cases practicing professionals.

Apart from becoming an expert for the BRIC countries Russia and especially Moscow has many to offer for international students. Like the rich culture and a vibrant night life. Study one term in the largest country of the world.

Before you go to RANEPA in the second term, apply here to start the core modules of the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program in Bremen at the IGC.

Key Facts

Degree MBA (Germany) / M.Sc. in International Management (Russia)
Program Duration Approx. 1 Year = 2 German semesters = 3 terms
Countries2: Germany & Russia
SpecializationManagement in Emerging Economies
Application DeadlineClosed for intake 2018. You may apply for intake 2019
Language English
AccreditationAQAS, EPAS & Russian University Academic Standards Committee
Class size25 students maximum
Field tripsNetherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Germany (Hamburg, Munich, Berlin) + field trips offered by RANEPA
StructureFull-time program
Start1. Part in October/ September  2. Part in January/ February

Between 12,500.- € and 16.800,-€ depending on the chosen partner university (plus semester fee of 350,-€)

1st Term: Core Modules

·         Start your IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program with the core modules at the International Graduate Center in Germany.

Core Modules
Multinational Finance Management
Global Strategic Analysis
Global Marketing Strategies
Human Resource Management in the Global Environment
International Business Law
International Leadership (optional)

2nd & 3rd Term: Specialization & Master Thesis

Specialization Modules
Macroeconomic policy for emerging markets
Investing in emerging markets
International marketing in emerging markets
Social and industrial peculiarities for doing business in emerging markets


·         The topic of your master’s thesis will be linked to your specialization Management in Emerging Economies.

IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program


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Our partner for this course is

Isaac Johnson-Tyas, USA

"The IBS Moscow program serves as a bridge taking the best from European and Asian business models, facilitated by Russia’s size which allows it to simultaneously exist in Europe and Asia."